How To berinjela coque samsung s10 antens102028283 Make Your Phone Faster

Time is nothing but a stubborn illusion, said Albert Einstein. Even coque a clapet iphone 5 c your smartphone which coque samsung a50 autumn hedgehog coque samsung s10 antens102026263 chouette used to run faster than a cheetah gets worn over time and galaxy coque becomes slow. You drop your hard earned money on a coque a40 samsung 360 flagship smartphone but after a few years, you start to experience lag or freeze time and again. Well to tackle this problem we have written this article on “How To Make Your Phone Faster’ topic to make your phone faster than before.

To make it simple, we have collected 10 methods. Each Method carries different reasons so we will be explaining to you one by one. After coque iphone 4 hot dog applying these methods, you will surely make astronaut coque iphone 6 coque7iphone20238 your phone faster. coque iphone 6 michal kors coque7iphone24279 Let’s get started.

Updating your smartphone’s Operating System is a must because update brings bug fixes and improvements in every part of the software. All these fixes and improvements result in better performance. coque iphone 6 amusante You should get informed automatically when there is an update available but checking yourself won’t take much time either.

2. Clean coque a50 samsung star wars Your Home coque samsung j3 2016 y love you Screen coque hugo boss iphone 6 (Icons/Widgets/Live Wallpapers)

Unlock Your Phone and Go to Home Screen

Press and hold on Icon/Widgets

Press the X/Remove button or Drag towards Delete Icon

Change Your Live Wallpaper and set other

Using too many Icons and Widgets on Home Screen consumes RAM. It is coque avec des oreilles samsung j3 2016 worse if you use a Live Wallpaper. It drains RAM causing slowing and lagging snowy owls pattern bubo scandiacus coque samsung s10 sushicube6308 in the smartphone. Avoiding these things are a must for hassle free smartphone performance.

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3. Uninstall/Disable Bloatware Apps And Unused Apps

Go To SettingsSelect App you want Uninstall/Disable

Press the Uninstall/Disable Button

Bloatware apps are something that comes Pre installed coque samsung j3 2016 x6 in your smartphone. Most of them are never used and so are later downloaded third party apps. It runs on background and consumes storage as well as RAM. If there is not a uninstall option then there will coque telephone samsung j3 2017 be surely a Disable option, go ahead and do it. This will ease the coque iphone 5 dragon ball burden and make your phone faster.

Turn on Force GPU rendering

If you don’t have a Developer option in your setting then don’t worry. Just go to setting and then About Phone. Find Build Number and tap it seven times. It must pop up saying ‘Now coque starbuck samsung galaxy j3 2016 you are a Developer’ and have the Developer option in settings. Reducing/Turning Off Windows Animation Scale and Transition Animation Scale will disable all apple coque iphone 6 plus the animations that occur while opening and closing apps. Turning these off will give GPU some fresh air and thus will make your phone faster.

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5. Clear Cache and Clean Storage

Go To Setting and then Applications

Click on a Preferred Application

Choose Storage and Clear Cache

Clearing cache will free some space on your smartphone. You can delete unused files like videos, music, documents, or images stored in your phone to gain some extra space. If files are important to you but at the same, it’s large then store it on the cloud. Nowadays every UI comes with a Device Manager bloatware app from which you can easily clear cache and manage storage. If redgo coque iphone 6 plus you don’t have one, you can follow the steps mentioned above…